Here at iGadgets we believe one of the best gifts you can give anyone is a gadget. Sö what is the definition of a "gadget"? Here is one definition which we found on the web:

“A gadget is a small tool or device that has a specific useful purpose and function. Gadgets tend to be more unusual or cleverly designed than normal technology.”

This is a good one and perhaps we can expand on it just a little. Gadgets are typically products which either cleverly solve a problem that existing products don't do or they are something which might be completely useless, but are terrific fun.

 In the first category they tend to be a tool or device that serves a particularly useful purpose. They used to include just mechanical solutions (tools) but have now been expanded in our new day and age to include purely electronic products. Of course, an exact boundary between gadgets and normal products is often difficult to define.

Is a smartphone a gadget? Maybe not any more. How about smartphone covers? probably not. But what about a conversion kit to turn older generations of smartphones into a phone with wireless charging? They could probably be called a gadget as the definition above states gadgets are "cleverly designed than normal technology".

 A good example of a new generation of gadgets would be the latest craze in camera drones. Do we need them? No. Are they tremendous fun? Yes.

Here at iGadgets we try and find products which fall into both categories. Our criteria for choosing our products is:

  • You cannot find them (easily) in a local store
  •  They are affordable for almost everyone
  •  They solve a problem of need and/or are fun

 This is also we have started what we call "The Gadget Club". This where you can start a discussion with almost anyone about gadgets which you have already purchased, ones you would like to buy or maybe would like to search for.

By joining the club you will receive from us a discount code for every product or products you will ever buy from us. It will be your personal Gadget Club Discount Code (DCDC). This will be valid for the whole time you remain a member. You will receive from us regularly (but not too often) emails with new gadgets we have found and invitations to join in forum discussions. 

Just send us an email and we will send you a confirmation with the code. Thanks again for joining us today and we will be seeing you again soon.