Sometimes we are able acquire products which somewhere are in excess inventory or are being replaced with a new version or design and are being offered at rock-bottom prices. These are watches you will not find on the Internet at these prices, not even on our own watch website (  and certainly not on Amazon! These watch models are brand-new, of top quality, often with precision Japanese quartz movements and come directly from the manufacturer.

These watches are not available in unlimited quantities so we would advise not to delay ordering should you see one you like (or could give as a present). To make this offer available to as many people as possible, only one watch per customer will be allowed. TIP: To save on shipping you can order more than one watch type.

If you cannot find the model that suits you here, come back on a regular basis as we update this page several times per week. Delivery times will be a little longer than normal (10 - 20 Days) and these models do not carry a warranty. If they show any defects on delivery, or up to 30 days after receipt, you can return them for a replacement although this has never happened to date.

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This elegant watch can be worn by both men and women and comes in five different versions (choose at checkout). It is made from stainless steel and has a mesh band strap. The movement is precision quartz. See the full specification on the product page at checkout.



This sporty yet elegant watch can be worn by both men and women and is suitable for both business and informal use. The alloy case is accompanied by five different combinations of watch face and leather strap. Movement is precision quartz. As is normal with these sale watches it will not come in a gift packaging.



Don't mistake this model for an iWatch! It also doesn't have any of the functions of the famous Apple watch even if you would fool people with its looks. It is simply a digital watch showing just the time but looks great! It comes in eight different combinations of case color and band color. Just enough so that you could fool everyone.



This sporty digital watch is not only sporty but also very rugged and is perfect for the sportsmen who are constantly on the go. It also looks great with five different color combinations. It is waterproof and also shock resistant.



This is more of a fun watch for those who are interested in bikes. Can be worn by men or women and comes in eight different color alternatives. Makes a great gift. Might not be your main watch but attraction grabbing on a bike tour.



 Any woman would love to receive this beautiful watch bracelet as a gift. Available in five different color combinations, maybe giving more than one color would enable her to combine with even more fashion choices. Only available in limited quantities!

PRICE: $9.95


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